Good shade. El Choro tells me that it’s a gipsy expression, meaning something like “good vibes”. I like it because it personifies El Choro himself - he oozes good shade and positive energy. He is a pure-blood gipsy, proud of his roots and identified with his clan.

In these days dominated by the deafening noise of self-promotion, El Choro is refreshingly humble, attributing his success to the will of God, as if he had nothing to do with it, as if he were not a magnificent dancer.

He cuts an imposing figure, strong as a fighting bull, but he has a deeply sensitive side: he venerates his mother, he loves his dog Trini to death and he abhors social injustice. “It is absolutely deplorable that there are still children dying of hunger,” he says with fire and fury in his eyes.

Half man of God, half rogue... El Choro is a perfect companion to share a beer with. Many beers.