Esmeralda, a skimpy little thing, is only 11 years old but, God knows from where, explodes a powerful flamenco voice that defies natural laws.

She arrives at the photo session with a full entourage, befitting of a gipsy princess who descends from an important clan of singers with her grandfather Rancapino at the head.

As soon as her team enters my house the party begins. It’s impossible to conduct an interview in the middle of a flamenco fiesta. Curiously, the party is not fueled by alcohol, but by Coca-Cola Zero!

Timid at first, Esmeralda is warming up now. Little by little, she takes over the photo shoot, until I’m forced to remind her that I am the one who directs. She laughs like a little girl who has just done something naughty.

I hope that one day she will fulfill her dream of becoming a famous cantaora. And why not? She has the voice, the ambition and the family pedigree.