Esperanza was the first to accept my invitation to participate in the El Duende Desnudo project. I was pleasantly surprised - she comes from a traditional gipsy family, so taking off her clothes would be considered quite scandalous, an act of rebellion.

But that’s Esperanza for you, a free spirit that simply does what she wants to do, regardless of what people might think or say. Much of the blame for her independence can be attributed to her father (“the love of my life”, she says with a cheesy grin), who has always encouraged her to be true to herself.

We chat about music, racism, her travels around the world and a myriad of other subjects... she is wildly expressive, but it’s not until we talk about her two sons that her face really lights up. I realise that Esperanza may be many things to many people, a marvellous cantaora of course, but, above anything else, she is a mother. A universal mother, mother earth, Venus in flesh and blood.