Patricia is the new face of contemporary flamenco dance, the hottest item on the circuit, but it doesn’t feel right. “Fashion goes out of fashion”, she says with a wry smile.

It’s plain to see that being fashionable doesn’t suit her personality: Patricia is a breath of fresh air, everyone’s perfect girl next door. She says that these days she struggles to find someone to share a drink with, “They all wake up early to go to the gym!”

Yet this carefree attitude is only one side of the coin; on the flipside, there is a determined young woman with a strong sense of direction and a healthy dose of obstinacy. She knows what she wants and goes after it until she gets it. Luck has nothing to do with it, everything is a consequence of the sacrifice she is willing to make.

Ever since she left Granada to live alone in Seville at the age of 18, Patricia has remained true to her own way forward: eyes on the stars, feet on the ground.